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TraumaFix Dressing

Quickly stems major bleed injuries, allowing the medic to immediately attend other injuries or monitor vital signs.

Picture the scene, a major bleed injury, perhaps involving multiple bleeds. What do you have in your crash bag to deal with it?

TraumaFix® is a new patent protected dressing. It offers a substantial, highly absorbent dressing pad, capable of absorbing over ten times its own weight in fluid. A pressure bandage allows direct pressure to be applied quickly and maintained easily, this is secured instantly with a Velcro style fastening.

Ambulance dressings have their place, but they are woefully inadequate for this job, they are simply not substantial enough to cope with the bleed, and bandaging to apply enough pressure will be near impossible with a light conforming. Abdo-pads might be substantial enough to cope with the bleed, but they need a suitable pressure bandage to attach them, which then needs to be secured, this sounds very time consuming, difficult with one injury, dangerous with multiple bleeds.

All too often non-sterile sanitary towels are used as major bleed dressing pads. Typically these contain super-absorber powders that clot to gel on contact with blood. Just one grain of this powder has the capacity to cause a deadly blood clot if it were to ingress into the casualties venous system.

Multiple major bleed injuries can be stemmed quickly, allowing the casualty to be moved easily. The dressing is a significant advance in the treatment of trauma injuries.


  • Highly absorbent non-adherent wound pad
  • High pressure bandage
  • Super-fast application, quick-fix velcro style fastening
  • Sterile