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Sterosan Hand Sanitising Rub [50ml]

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Sterosan hand rub, made with a proven formula that's been tried and tested over many years

  • 70% alcohol hand rub with moisturisers, and added emollients, providing special skin protection.
  • The alternative to soap and water, when hand washing is impractical or impossible.
  • Sterosan hand rub has been demonstrated to conform to the EN1500 Standard.
  • Testing performed by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham.

1 or 2 quick sprays are all you need, making it much more cost effective, plus it won't leak!

Clipped to your pocket or belt, it won't leak when it's upside down, and is close at hand whenever you need it. It is ideal to have with you at all times: home, office, car and while out and about.

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