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Sharpsafe Cyto Sharps Container [Purple]

What is Sharpsafe SMS?

New Sharpsafe SMS™ – is a Sharps Management System incorporating practice methodology designed to deliver safe management of sharps in accordance with HTM 07-01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste and current NHS ‘point of use’ disposal guidelines.

Some reasons why Sharpsafe is Europe’s favourite sharps disposal container.

  • Innovative products, services and the highest quality standards.
  • Range available from 0.2 litre to 30 litre, plus specialist clinical containers.
  • The only sharps containment system to incorporate translucent lids, protected access, UN approved leakproof containers and point of use disposal™ (NPSD™).
  • Specimen transport bags designed for community healthcare workers in accordance with UN3373.
  • All containers conform to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and BS EN ISO 14001.
  • The first to be awarded NF-X-30-500, the most rigorous European standard for resistance to penetration and impact.
  • Complies with HTM 07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste, and current NHS ‘point of use’ disposal guidelines.

New Guidlines

HTM 07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste Guidelines oblige NHS Trusts to segregate clinical waste into specific colour coded waste streams, according to the nature of the waste:

Sharpsafe CYTO Sharps Container [Purple]

– Marked with “Cyto Sharps”, the inscription and ‘tick’ indicate this coloured lid container will be for use with sharps contaminated with cytotoxic and/or cytostatic medicines.