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Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

Versatile Rescue Stretcher from Paraguard

Designed for a variety of rescues, the Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher is a compact and versatile rescue stretcher. It is ideal for search and rescue operations and can be used to rescue casualties from building collapse, industrial incidents or confined spaces. Constructed from quality, synthetic materials, stainless steel and aluminium, the Paraguard Excel is impervious to oil, water, grease and other petroleum products and is resistant to rot and corrosion.

The Paraguard Excel is quick and simple to use with various straps to secure the chest, arms, thighs and lower legs. The head is held in place by a 3 point, non-slip forehead strap. A figure of eight strap supports the feet.

Standard features include:

  • Particularly useful for high building and helicopter rescues
  • Approved for use by many authorities including NATO
  • To enhance infection control the flaps are wipe clean and the patient pads may be detached from the base for washing
  • For storage and ease of transport, the stretcher packs into a back pack supplied as standard


  • Four point lifting sling which attaches with lightweight karabiners, enabling easier horizontal lifting
  • Slot in carrying handles fix onto the head and foot ends of the stretcher allowing two rescuers to carry the casualty
  • A vest style shoulder harness attaches onto the handles, helping to distribute the weight of the stretcher between the rescuers
  • A foul weather sheet is available to provide protection to the casualty for rescues taking place in adverse weather conditions