The Medical Warehouse Ltd.

Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit

More complex wounds than the Basic Kit for testing higher levels of skill in bandaging and patient care.

Moulages: Assorted stick-on lacerations & open fracture wounds x 24, Bleeding strap-on wounds complete with reservoir bags with pump assembly, Open amputation x 1, Compound fracture of tibia (lower leg) x 1, Compound fracture of humerus, (upper arm) x 1, Sucking wound of chest x 1, Gunshot wound of palm x 1.

Makeup Accessories: Adhesive for stick-on wounds x 1, Atomizer mist sprayer x 1, Broken glass x 1 Pack, Casualty simulation wax x 1, Coagulant blood x 1, Grease paint colors: white, blue, brown, and red x 1 each, Methyl cellulose for blood thickening x 1 Pack, Simulated blood powder x 3, Spatulas x 3, Wood tongue depressors x 3.