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Featuring the same advanced technology trusted by emergency medical professionals—yet simple to use—the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is designed specifically for the first person to respond to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. Unlike AEDs with complex prompts and limited energy for defibrillation, the fully automatic LIFEPAK CR Plus AED combines an easy two-step operation, just the right level of guidance, and the capability to escalate to 360 joules when needed. We even offer an 8-year warranty on the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED - one of the longest in the industry.


  • ADAPTIV™ Biphasic Technology: Escalating energy to 360J
  • 9 sec for charging at 200J with a fully charged battery
  • CPR Feedback via CODE-STAT™ 7.0 data review software with Advanced CPR Analytics
  • Internal battery > Revolutionary and economical recharging system

Easy to use

  • 2 steps in Automatic mode or 3 steps in Semi-automatic mode
  • Pre-connected electrodes
  • Simple picture guide and clear voice prompts to guide the rescuer
  • Data transfer possible via IrDA
  • Trainer identical to the operating unit


  • Readiness display always visible, even when the AED is OFF
  • Motion detection during ECG analysis
  • Self tests