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CT-EMS Traction Splint

  • Entire Splint, and ankle hitch, are designed to fit Adult through Pediatric Patients
  • Integral Reflective Strap System; comes out of the bag ready to go, no loose straps
  • Requires minimal patient movement with no Perineal nerve impingement
  • Tested extensively in the field by numerous organizations through numerous areas of the world.

The CT-EMS vs The KTD:

The CT-EMS undergoes new changes and improvements on a regular basis. These are influenced by the people that use the product: First Responders, Military Medics, Doctors, etc.

Carbon tubes - 10x stronger than Aluminum. Lighter, easier to clean.
Aluminum tubes, prone to denting and deformation. Hard to handle in temp extremes.
Ankle Hitch
Adjustable bottom strap allows for Pedi to Adult Adjustments. Fits over boots or downsize to Pedi using the same hitch.
One size - non adjustable
All straps are attached to the splint. Nothing to lose in harsh conditions.
Not attached, hard to sort out on the fly.
Adjusting Mechanism
4:1 Adjuster gives powerful yet precise control. Infinite adjustment
Strap system is not able to generate more than 4kg of traction Max - verified by independent testing - See Chart
KWIK Point Instruction manual included.
Universal Pictorial depiction of proper application. No translations needed.
No Instructions
World Wide Use
Over 50,000 units in use in the field in a four year period. Utilized by 20 different countries