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Celox Gauze

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CELOX™ (pronounced Cell Locks) is haemostatic agent that controls severe bleeding fast.

CELOX™ Gauze is an instinctive way to control severe and catastrophic bleeding. Users simply have to pack the wound and apply pressure.

CELOX™ Gauze consists of highly effective CELOX™ Granules bonded to the surface of a stable gauze, which does not compact under pressure. This gives first responders the ideal tool to deal with life-threatening bleeds.

  • Does not generate heat.
  • Works independently of normal blood clotting factors.
  • Simple and safe to use.
  • Not Exothermic; will not burn the victim or caregiver.
  • Works in hypothermic conditions and clots Heparinised blood.
  • Safe for use on the entire body including, head, neck and chest wounds.

CELOX™ combines with red blood cells and platelets to form a gel-like clot that can be used to treat patients suffering from clotting disorders, or those with mild or severe injuries.

CELOX™ can be used as a fast, safe and simple emergency treatment for serious bleeding by first aid trained personnel.

CELOX™ is suitable for the military, first responders, hospitals, industrial first aid, emergency services, wilderness medicine, adventure pursuits, professional and amateur sports and of course, as a must-have for your home or car first aid kit.

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