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Ambu Mini Perfit ACE Adjustable Collar

The Mini Perfit Ace collar assists with the maintenance of neutral alignment, the prevention of lateral sway and anterior-posterior flexion and extension of the cervical spine during transport and routine patient care or movement. The unique flip-chin feature facilitates intubation and the removal of vomitus.

Nasal cannula holders located on the collar body secure the oxygen tubes and safety buttons have been incorporated into the design to allow for maximum reliability.

The collar is radio-translucent, CT & MRI compatible and comes with a ventilated posterior shell for fluid drainage.

Because the collar is a one-piece extrication collar the application is very simple with the additional benefit that there are no extra pieces that can get lost. The horizontal sizing line makes it easy for the rescuer to measure and select the correct adjustable size for the patient.

The Mini Perfit ACE is the only small adult/child adjustable one-piece rigid cervical spine immobilisation device with 12 precise settings for a customised fit. It adjusts from infant to small adult neck sizes. Unique flip-chin Radio-translucent, CT & MRI compatible Packaged completely flat saving valuable storage space Horizontal sizing line Nasal cannula holders Safety buttons