The Medical Warehouse Ltd.

Kent Police have been trading with Medical Warehouse for over 4 years for the supply and restock of medical equipment and consumables.
The services that the company have provided us with have always been to the highest standard and have had no cause for complaint over the duration of our trading relationship and in fact have found the company to be very proactive towards its customers needs.
We have also used the company to research the market place for new products, and to design custom made equipment and consumable packages for our needs, always supplied at the most competitive prices.
The staff at the company are always polite, courteous and friendly, the customer service prompt, accurate and always to schedule.
I have, and will continue to recommend the services supplied by The Medical Warehouse Ltd. to others.

Paul Abday, Tactical Medicine Unit Manager at Kent Police

Posted by Conan O'Hara — March 10, 2012